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  • <&Tangerine> england sucks
    <&Tangerine> only good user from england is toothache
    <&Tangerine> okay Toothache and Lee are solid
    <+Tab> also quality user acematador
    <&Tangerine> that's my proof that everyone from england is a terrible user
    Interesting....Gabs44683 I take it. Well it looks like I'll be getting msn...
    1) I certainly will enjoy my enlarged avatar for until the next mod decides to change it and I saw Mingot with the wacked out avatar.
    2) Welcome back to Aus. how was your holiday?
    That much is obvious malice. And now for the Infinite Dimension Glitch! *disappears in a whirl of the cloak*
    Pray explain this 'whole new level of offense'. Also, pm me about whatever it is that happened to your facebook account.
    I usually check this place at least every second day but am not very involved atm. Lets play smash or magic one of these days.
    I actually tried something else. My HO team is still under construction. Im trying a stall team at them moment. Im actually on now. but sis may need the com in a while.
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